not once upon a time: now.

27 Jul

So then…
This is where i’ll be taking up residence for the next two months, whilst working on my thesis. By now perhaps you’ll have taken a few seconds to survey that there’s not much on here yet, but even a few seconds is enough to get an idea of what I’m doing here. Visit the about page and some of the early posts to learn more about me & mine.

What I’m trying to talk about is the way we think, read, talk and write – communicate..
Yes, so what – so are we all, right? Well, here are a few ways in which I need to differentiate my position.
1) I’m really green to all of this. I’m not (yet) on Facebook, and like many of you out there, I love books.. print isn’t really dead at all for me, and I’m just as excited by the possibility of unturned, crumbly pages as everyone else seems to be about the instantaneous internet.
2) I study Histories and Theories of Architecture, so I’ll be trying to pull or centre the significance of my investigations on reading, writing, thinking etc. towards architecture and the discourse surrounding it. That’s going to be a challenge!
3) I have been a journalist.. so again, like many of you, I’m all too aware of the financial implications of embracing the blogosphere & free content.

My problem is that the questions raised around “discourse on the internet”, which I hear parroted around me all over the shop – on the tube, at galleries, on the news – don’t often get looked at hard enough. Hard to believe, with how ubiquitous the discussion around, say, social media platforms, has become – and following yesterday’s wikileaks extravaganza, these platforms and technologies are increasing part of the contemporary way of life. But I don’t really hear about THEN WHAT? what happens because of it? How might things change – in a more thoughtful way than “we’ll all have iPads”..

It sounds, even as I write, as though I am looking into the near-future and inevitably guessing at what might be. If I seem like so many others navel- and star-gazing out there, please do tell me your thoughts. For now I’ll be composing a collection of the kinds of thinking that I feel can play into this topic. Please feel free to get involved.. that is, after all, the point.


One Response to “not once upon a time: now.”

  1. momus August 8, 2010 at 7:12 am #

    what is the difference between a blog and a medieval manuscript? unlike a printed book, they are both read-and-write information technologies (if you can read from, you can write in) (meaning that what you are writing has the same technical status of what you are reading, which is not the case when you annotate a printed book)

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