spotted in the wild: abstract circa 16/6/10

27 Jul

So: to begin with, here’s my abstract as it was presented to a jury of nine, at the Architectural Association, on June 16th. Below, I’d like to invite you to play around with a sort of diagrammatic mind map.. you use your arrow keys to navigate around, zoom in and out. It’s a little nauseating, but so are a lot of good things in life.

Discourse 2.0: Architectural Writing and New Media
(working title, tbc!!)

This thesis explores contemporary modes of writing as a means of knowledge production. Within the context of new media platforms, communities and conversations, what are the modes of engagement and participation, and what are the effects of these on the nature of architectural discourse? How have these affected the production of architectural theory, critical standpoints, and the notion of an architectural agenda?

Beginning from the plural condition of postmodernity, over the last 40 years communication technology and mass media have evolved from being unilateral flows of information to non-linear meshes where one is, in more ways than one is fully conscious of, a participant. So within the remit of architectural writing and critical thinking, what does this networked space mean, what is the status of the reader-as-broadcaster, or the writer-as-community builder?
It is critical to state that this study will not be one based on historical precedent or comparison, but rather an example of the practices and effects of various contemporary architectural writing platforms, using theoretical antecedents and their cultural contexts to illuminate the present.


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