Once upon a time

16 Aug

Maybe I should start from a historical or narrative perspective. Once upon a time – way back in the twenty first century, the world was totally crowded with chatter. Every one could show everybody else what they had been looking at, and if one found something fascinating, there was no need to bear the shock of fascination alone. In a (click) the object of their desire – or ire or interest – could be held aloft for all to see, singled out and not only this; the exact nature of interest could also be shared, was welcomed, all were invited to the trial.

Alternatively, if one was bored, well, there was no need to rely on the singular potential of one’s own mind to channel the stimulus, nor for one’s body to consult with other bodies or spaces to get some help. Very easily and quickly ones specific interest could be met, shared, added to, spun around and enlarged, often to encompass what was hitherto unimaginable.

Like alcohol there must have been a maximum fermentation point, and also the risk of intoxication.

Or maybe it was something more like the historic game of Tetris; as the tiny glowing bricks came down, each held a promise of connecting to others and thereby making a whole, a contingent structure. But occasionally they stacked up, an isolated, non-sensical gridlock of fragmented voices, confounding the seeker trying to find a pattern.

click to play the game...


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