down with thinking

18 Sep
.. it became too easy

... the writing's on the wall, (for) you guys..

studying this subject (i.e. that of blogs, everyman voices, alternatives – supposedly – to the establishment) has had an effect, and effected certain decisions. my thesis contains hardly any reference to the usual suspects, that is to say: derrida, deleuze, baudrillard, foucault (oh maybe, as you’ll see), barthes, spinoza, latour, sloterdijk AND THE REST!!!! it was sort of an unconscious, unwilling decision at first. i wanted to concentrate on the topic rather than.. underpin or validate everything i was saying by bringing out the big guns.

and then i went through phases of profound unsettled guilt (these continue to recur)  – i mean, i’m handing a paper in at the AA, how can i ignore the whole critical theory lexicon? as enrique ramirez and i chatted about it a few weeks ago, how easy is it to find a student theory paper these that DOESN’T mention, let’s say, Foucault’s Heterotopia? until ironically or poetically, in a nervous moment of browsing through the big man himself, i found:

We must renounce all those themes whose function is to ensure the infinite continuity of discourse and its secret presence to itself in the interplay of a constantly recurring absence. We must be ready to receive every moment of discourse in its sudden irruption; in that punctuality in which it appears, and in that temporal dispersion that enables it to be repeated, known, forgotten, transformed, utterly erased, and hidden, far from all view, in the dust of books. Discourse must not be referred to the distant presence of the origin, but treated as and when it occurs.


(warm thanks to roberto zancan for awesome photo..)


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