“it’s not finished… it’s finished”

27 Sep

It’s gone, the thesis is finally handed in, under the title:

Discourse 2.0 or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Blog.

Yeah, well if you thought of better, you should have spoken up! I only managed to cram in about 50% of the research – particularly the statistical data – with which I was so kindly furnished, and much less of the peripatetic reading that I put myself through. Nonetheless I don’t regret any of it, nor any of the rabbit-holes I fell into during the process. If you’d like to see a copy of Discourse 2.0 [HILTSWALTB] please let me know, I’ll edit all the bits where I say mean things about you and send forthwith.

But no, in seriousness: my profound thanks to: Tim Abrahams, David Basulto, Mario Carpo, Joseph Grima, Sam Jacob, Peter Kelly, Cathy Lang Ho, Kieran Long, Geoff Manaugh, Douglas Murphy, Steve Parnell, Enrique Ramirez, Cassim Shepard, Roberto Zancan, Mirko Zardini and several others who will be thanked elsewhere and in more private ways.

Also my brilliant classmates, with whom it has been an honour to study and with whom I also look forward to exploring lots of new roads. Not least, in fact my biggest love to our tutors, most of all Marina Lathouri, whom you should all know and hold in highest estimation. Like the scariest smartness and the nicest mumsiness rolled into one, with cappuccinos, Talking Heads and extra giggles on top.

Thanks all!



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